Custom Sign & Design

We create custom signage and more for numerous applications in a variety of styles and materials ranging from HDPE to vinyl to wood. Looking for signage? Need other display or promotional products? Contact us!

Custom Sign & Design

Custom Sign & Design (CSD) continues its commitment to providing high quaity HDPE, vinyl, and other signage for institutional and consumer markets.

The business was originally founded in Sandusky, Ohio in 2008, and then re-branded in 2018 by the new owners. Over the years, the range of products and services have expanded. While signage is the core of the business, CSD also creates a wide range of custom projects like engraved park benches; custom labeled coasters and keychains; and more.

CSD is owned by Celeste Hillman. As an MBE (minority-owned business), CSD is committed not only to its core business of high quality signage but also the support of developmentally disabled individuals through local DD organizations.

CSD's primary business of HDPE signage utilizes an almost entirely recycled product, and one where the by-products of manufacturing are themselves recyclable.

This is quite a trifecta for the community: a minority-owned business that supports those with the greatest needs and honors the environment.